Big Data Analytics and HPC

Aleksandra Pizurica

  • Feature extraction
  • Dimensionality reduction

Antoon Bronselaer

  • Data Quality
  • Temporal Data Models

Bart Goossens

  • GPU clusters and parallel processing

Bruno Volckaert

  • Anomaly detection on company-wide network traffic detecting cybersecurity threats

Dirk Van den Poel

Filip De Turck

  • Large dataset processing

Guy De Tré

  • NoSQL
  • Data Quality

Haosheng Huang

  • Geospatial big data analytics
  • Location Big Data

Jan Fostier

Luc Martens

  • Big Data Analytics algorithms for optimisation in industrial networks and processes

Nico Van de Weghe

  • Dimensionality reduction

Yvan Saeys