Smart Cities

Bert De Coensel

  • Sound event and anomaly detection
  • Traffic monitoring

Bruno Volckaert

  • Scalable IoT data stack with hooks for machine learning
  • Anomaly detection on Smart City data in digital twin

Dick Botteldooren

Dirk Van den Poel

Erik Mannens

  • Linked Open Data & Sensor Fusion

Filip De Turck

  • Complex event processing
  • Stream reasoning to derive interesting events
  • Context-aware services

Haosheng Huang

  • Urban informatics
  • Social sensing
  • Recommender Systems
  • Crowdsourcing

Nico Van de Weghe

  • Crowd dynamics

Nilesh Madhu

Sofie Van Hoecke

  • Stress in the city

Sofie Verbrugge

  • Techno-economic analysis

Wilfried Philips

  • Air pollution
  • People monitoring