Jan Verwaeren

Jan Verwaeren

Jan Verwaeren

email: Jan.Verwaeren@UGent.be
tel.: +32 9 264 59 33
research unit: KERMIT

Jan Verwaeren is Assistant professor at the Department of Data Analysis and Mathematical Modelling of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering of Ghent University. He is a member of the Knowledge-based Systems research unit KERMIT. His research activities are centered on image analysis and the fusion of heterogeneous data and applied research on, among others, video-based monitoring of plants and animals and on data-driven modelling for pharmaceutical engineering.

Keywords: Image Analysis, Monitoring Biological Systems, Mathematical Modelling,, Mathematical Optimization

Key publications
  • A. Van den Hove, J. Verwaeren, J. Van den Bossche, J. Theunis and B. De Baets, Development of a land use regression model for black carbon using mobile monitoring data and its application to pollution-avoiding routing, Environmental Research 183 (2020), 108619.

  • M. Sader, J. Verwaeren, R.P. Fernandez and B. De Baets, Integrating expert and novice evaluations for augmenting ordinal regression models, Information Fusion 51 (2019), 1-9.

  • J. Verwaeren, M. Rademaker and B. De Baets, An interval estimator for the unmixing of mixtures with set-based source descriptions, International Journal of Approximate Reasoning 60 (2015), 71-92.

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