Els Lefever

Els Lefever is Assistant professor (since Oct. 2016) with strong expertise in machine learning of (multilingual) natural language processing. PhD in computer science (2012). She supervises PhDs on terminology extraction from comparable corpora, sentiment mining of financial news, terminological ambiguity in cross-disciplinary contexts, argumentation mining in social media and the automatic detection of cyberbullying in online text.

Keywords: Natural language processing, Lexical semantics, Sentiment analysis, Argumentation mining, Terminology extraction

Key publications
  • Van Hee, Cynthia, Gilles Jacobs, Chris Emmery, Bart Desmet, Els Lefever, Ben Verhoeven, Guy Depauw, Walter Daelemans and Veronique Hoste. “Automatic Detection of Cyberbullying in Social Media Text.” Ed. Hussein Suleman. PLOS ONE 13 (2018): 1–22.
  • Van Hee, Cynthia, Els Lefever, and Veronique Hoste. “We Usually Don’t Like Going to the Dentist. Using Common Sense to Detect Irony on Twitter.” COMPUTATIONAL LINGUISTICS (2018).
  • Lefever, Els. “A hybrid approach to domain-independent taxonomy learning.” APPLIED ONTOLOGY 11(3) (2016): 255-278.
  • Lefever, Els and Veronique Hoste, V. “Parallel corpora make sense: Bypassing the knowledge acquisition bottleneck for Word Sense Disambiguation.” INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CORPUS LINGUISTICS 19 (3): 333-367.
  • Lefever, Els, Timur Fayruzov, Veronique Hoste, and Martine De Cock, M. “Clustering Web People Search Results using Fuzzy Ants.” INFORMATION SCIENCES 180 (17) (2010): 3192-3209.
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